PH: 9000+ HIV/AIDS cases recorded in 2016

PH: 9000+ HIV/AIDS cases recorded in 2016

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HIV/AIDS cases in the Philippines continues to rise at an alarming rate since 2010, as the Department of Health reported a total of 9,264 cases in 2016, with 439 deaths.
9 Feb 2017 - General
I agree with Marinelle Castro that this conservative culture can be a hindrance for patients who have HIV to get proper care. This rise in HIV cases is very alarming indeed, and I think in a way it is a cry for help too. I wonder if there are health care institutions who offer support and treatment specialized to HIV patients? Also, this rise in the number of cases should call attention to the Department of Heal...
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The population being infected with HIV/AIDS seem to be uncontrollable over time. And the age group are getting younger and younger. I'm quite happy to have seen the opposition about giving out free condom to public schools. It might have faced a lot of issues lately as it encourages younger individuals be curious about having sex at an early age. Proper parental guidance should still be the answer to the reduction of the disease. In my opinion, if a person is well loved by his or her family,...
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