6 Easy Ways To Find The Best Dentist For You – Dr. Edward Tay

6 Easy Ways To Find The Best Dentist For You – Dr. Edward Tay

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Remember the last time you had a toothache? By “toothache”, think unbearable pain radiating from your teeth. Pain that disturbs your sleep at night. That
11 Feb 2017 - General
Thanks for sharing this article Edward Tay ! It is good to see how efficient technology in Malaysia could be. It is true that people aren't oriented what kind of dentists do they need to see for their own needs. Generalizing and having a wrong belief can mislead you and also a waste of money, time and resources. I hope we also have this kind here in the Philippines. Quick and concise way of searching for what...
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Thanking you for sharing a useful post. Here situation is quite different in small town where there is no second option to choose dentist as there is no availability to choose among in some areas there are no dentists also. But while coming to metro cities we can find many dentists here where generally prefers nearby dentist for first time, if problem untreated for some time then change of doctor might happen. I have gone through the website bookdoc,com which is an interactive but doctor names i...
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