Can I trust a fertility app to stop me getting pregnant?

Can I trust a fertility app to stop me getting pregnant?

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Sexual health experts say more research is needed into the effectiveness of fertility tracking apps in preventing pregnancy.
11 Feb 2017 - General
Mobile applications has always brought us convenience and make our lives easier. But not every application being displayed on the app stores are sure real effective. As mentioned in the article, it has complicated instructions that needs to be followed by the user. So everyone needs to be meticulous enough to understand and do the steps correctly. You can never afford to commit a single mistake because they may lead to failure of your goals. In my opinion, health related matters as serious as th...
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Lianne Marie Victoria Laruan I agree with you that the mobile applications that help in tracking the menstrual cycle and also guide for conceiving are more popular than those that prevent pregnancy. Marinelle Castro Can you please share how the fertility apps can help in preventing pregnancy? If viable, then it can be a great optio...
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