Encountering Uncommon Cases

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12 Feb 2017 - General

Seeing uncommon medical cases is a challenge for HCPs. Multispecialty involvement (even a possible referral abroad) is common when encountering such cases. F In my practice, I have seen new onset of dysarthria that was not central in origin. Cranial MRI did not reveal any infarct or lesion in the brain stem or left hemisphere and physical examintation findings do not point out to an upper motor neuron lesion nor any degenerative movement disorders. Another case I encounter that is surprisingly becoming more common is Brown-Sequard syndrome wherein there is complete hemitransection of the spinal cord leading to ipsialteral paralysis and numbness and contralateral pain and temperature loss. It composes only 2-4% of spinal cord injuries but has become more common recently due to gunshot wound injuries leading to spinal cord injury. or the MIMS community, what are some of the uncommon medical causes you have encountered so far?

Kathleen Peralta Thank you for sharing your experience with encountering a patient with Wenicke-Korsakoff syndrome. Do you remember the ancillaries/diagnostic aids requested by the attending physician? I have not encountered one in clinical practice yet. I can only recall encountering a 6'3" man who was having alcohol withdrawal syndrome who punched a hospital window during admission. We had to stay in t...
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