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12 Feb 2017 - General

Mnemonics are often used to assist and improve memory. All healthcare professionals have used them liberally during school to pass exams and remember pearls for clinical use. Mnemonics come both in international and vernacular versions. One mnemonic I use is for remembering the side effects of magnesium aluminum hydroxide. It comes in the vernacular version and uses the elements' periodic symbol Mg  and Al. The mnemonic Mg tatae ka (Mg causes diarrhea) and Ayaw Lumabas (Aluminum causes constipation) has helped me gain a point in quizzes and even the physician licensure examination. It would be nice for us to revisit school and share some mnemonics in the MIMS community that are very helpful in our clinical practice.

This topic definitely brought me back to my uni days as I'm a mnemonic girl. I would use any possible combinations so I can remember what I studied for our quiz or exam. Unfortunately, I can't remember all of them as they are not universal ones, they were just made for my personal use at that time. Here's a couple that I recall (learnt from an instructor), in prioritising patients, we should always remember ABC which stands for Airway, Breathing and Circulation. Also, the 3P's f...
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