PH: NVAP urges DOH, FDA to regulate e-cigarettes

PH: NVAP urges DOH, FDA to regulate e-cigarettes

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The New Vois Association of the Philippines (NVAP), an anti-tobacco NGO, called on the Philippine Department of Health (DOH) and Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to put in place measures that will regulate the use of E-cigarette considering its increasing popularity.
12 Feb 2017 - General
It's true that a lot of people think that the use of electronic cigarettes are safe. In fact, even some doctors think that it is a safer option. First and foremost, the public should be educated about the possible hazards of e-cigarette use, perhaps through tv commercials or through social media advertisements. I also agree with issuing a ban, although I am certain that e-cigarette companies will try to prevent this from happening because of the scarcity of literature on the negative effects...
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Business of e-cigarettes is increasing day by day in India but some states have banned for sale and use of e-cigarettes and some states arrested vendors also. Youth are main target for consumption of e -cigarettes and further increases desire to take nicotine. Here further author not included how urged DOH and FDA to regulate e-cigarettes. But government should strictly ban e-cigarettes manufacturing, distribution and consumption also. FDA should ban all products and should stop new applications...
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The introduction of this e-cigarettes has dramatically hit the market and almost everyone has started using it. There is a battle between if e-cigarettes is delivering no nicotine or less nicotine than the real tobacco. Others would reason out that using it is better than using the traditional cigarettes. But it is a good thing that the government is trying to implement the ban or regulation of the usage of e-cigars to a minimum. I hope this would be approved and soon to be implemented in the co...
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