3 more doctors with great contributions to the advancement of medicine

3 more doctors with great contributions to the advancement of medicine

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Man’s quality of life has increased dramatically, not just in certain regions of the globe but worldwide. One of the reasons for this is the fact that we have made significant technological progression – new innovations have enabled us to live longer and more comfortably.
12 Feb 2017 - General
Great to hear once again about top contributors for medicine here, Cancer still we are struggling with many types our chemotherapy and other alternative therapies are still in developmental stages only since from 1883, we need more and more controlled strategies for prevent and cure. I would like to express my interest on Dr. Jonas Salk polio vaccine which is one of the great innovation in fact without that I can not just imagine children with polio. We are thankful for their research and innova...
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This is more of a throwback on the greatest people who have made significant impact in our world today. The first part of this article has tackled about three people who have contributed to the development or discovery of bypass surgery and the birth of in vitro fertilization. This second part has something to do with research on cancer and thyroid surgeries. As we all know cancer is just one of the few difficult cases to be treated and further studies are much needed for it to be hopefully trea...
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