What was your stumbling block?

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12 Feb 2017 - General

As healthcare professionals and to get to where we are at this time of our lives, we have to go through years of hardwork, hours of studying and not being able to go home on time due to unexpected shift covers. Challenges are pretty tough and there will always be at least one that left a mark in your career. What was your stumbling block or was there something that inspired you more to be better and pursue the career you want.

To all other healthcare professionals here in the community, please feel free to share your experience. 


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To start, I have gone through a lot as a nurse and everyday feels like a challenge to me as I don't know what awaits as I step into the ward unit where I used to work (my first paid nursing job). I started as a volunteer nurse and didn't expect to be offered a job after two weeks of volunteering. I don't know what I have exactly done to deserve that but for a moment there, it made me stop questioning my abilities and believe in myself even more. Until now, I am thankful to my head nu...
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