Taking back Valentine’s Day for love and health

Taking back Valentine’s Day for love and health

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Valentine's Day has become more about promoting chocolates and stressing about relationships than about love, so here is a guide for making it a healthy day.
13 Feb 2017 - General
Valentines day is simply one of the most popular event people celebrate across the world. May you be single, married, young or old, everybody just love this day. It's a day wherein people get to show love to their special someone. And as a result, most of us tend to buy or receive chocolates and flowers from our loved ones. In my opinion, this is a a little bit impractical and an effortless way of showing how much you love someone. Creating poems, sending out letters and DIY stuff would be a...
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Love is a sensitive and emotional topic to deal and discuss. Moving forward tomorrow is lovers day where full of emotions, expectations in many of life's whether that is a single or already mingled. Here I want to discuss on emotion Controll on the day. It is the day where one can propose to their beloved one, the proposal may get denied where opponent sex need to control their thoughts and activities where should not depressed and move such a way that better luck for next time. Because love...
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