Medical Journal Retracts a Chinese study Due to Concerns Organs Came from Executed Prisoners

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13 Feb 2017 - General

Photo from: CNN

A Chinese study published in a medical journal will be retracted after serious concerns about the source of the organs were raised. The surgeons presented their findings about liver transplantations and its related complications. However, the difference in the numbers announced by the government on the one hand and the surgeons on the other hand made some of these organs of unknown source.

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Mahmoud AbdelAziz This research study poses serious bioethical concerns. First and foremost, all healthcare professionals should have the basic respect for human dignity. Executing prisoners just for the sake of organ harvesting is a serious offense and this should be carefully investigated. I hope that international human rights organizations will also become aware of this, so proper measures can be done to prev...
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There have been repetitive promises from the Chinese government over the past few years to stop using organs of executed prisoners for organ transplantation. Political prisoners are believed to be among those victims. The earlier promises were proven untrue after the data given by the hospitals and the government didn’t match. It is horrendous to put political opponents in jail, torture and execute them then use their organs! There must be an end to this! Even if the study published had provided...
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