Typhoon Haiyan health impacts: What the studies say

Typhoon Haiyan health impacts: What the studies say

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On record, Typhoon Haiyan is one of the most intense tropical storms and the deadliest to have hit the Philippines, leaving more than 6,000 dead in the storm's aftermath. MIMS compiled some of the retrospective, health-related studies that emerged years later, each of them offering insights that may improve disaster management in the future.
15 Feb 2017 - General
Thank you for sharing your insights on this topic, Marinelle Castro and Lianne Marie Victoria Laruan. Just by living in our country makes us all vulnerable to such acts of nature. The potential damages they can cause are way beyond our control and no amount of preparations can suffice when calamity strikes. The best thing we could ...
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Typhoon Haiyan was really underestimated by the entire nation, and the lack of awareness and preparedness contributed to the increased casualties. Nevertheless, the people here showed their true resilience as they braved the aftermath of the strongest storm in the Philippines' history. It was a lesson learned as well for our country, that preparedness can save lives. Its great that such a study focusing on Haiyan's aftermath was done to make people more aware of the needs of the public d...
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