Gaps in medical knowledge: Do doctors really know best?

Gaps in medical knowledge: Do doctors really know best?

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Despite the era of evidence-based guidelines and super-specialisation in medicine, studies show that doctors are rarely accurate at estimating the benefit and harms associated with their practices, and are unaware of the latest clinical practice recommendations.
16 Feb 2017 - General
With the multitude of factors presented here in the article, its really no wonder that there may be instances where there will be gaps between ideal care and doctors' knowledge. Physicians already have a very challenging task of seeing to it that patients receive the best, to the point that keeping up with every new update in medicine is impossible. Too much pressure is already put on doctors, and no matter how obsessive-compulsive any of them may be, there will always be a gap due to the co...
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My answer to the posted question in the title: If doctors don't, then who else does? As Mark Edmon Tan mentioned, we owe it to our patients to keep ourselves updated at all times. There will ALWAYS be a gap in scientific knowledge because everything evolves, knowledge, life and etc. But that doesn't mean we should not give ourselves credit for trying our best. No doctor wants to inflict harm on any patien...
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