Herbal Medicines can have Dangerous Side Effects, Research Reveals

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16 Feb 2017 - General

Generally herbal products are considered more safe and effectives and herbal products are really very common in rural areas especially. It is the exact scenario in Pakistan but I don’t know whether other countries have also same scene or not. This article has depicted the correct aspect of herbal medications where herbal medications can damage liver and kidney badly due to toxic levels of chemicals.

With the continuous conventional vs traditional medicine debate, especially on the Western front, it gets funny that these two fields seem to be constantly arguing over which medications or techniques are the best. Many people want to avoid adverse effects from conventional medicine but don't realize that even herbal medicines pose a lot of risk, and may even be harmful due to inefficacy or toxicity. Herbal medicine can be helpful at times, but should not be the sole source of medicine. Also...
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Tahira Nawaz I think the practice of using medicinal plants for common ailments is common in most countries in Asia. Unfortunately, there are still a lot of areas in the country which rely on this for cure due to lack of access to a nearby medical facility. So far, our health sector has approved the use of 10 medicinal plants that's safe to use for common ailments. Aside from these plants, I don't recomme...
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