PH: 56k salary for public physicians pushed

PH: 56k salary for public physicians pushed

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To stop government doctors from leaving the Philippines, senators are determined to raise their salaries and provide them with benefits that will entice them to practice their profession locally.
17 Feb 2017 - General
Mark Edmon Tan I share the same sentiments. Even if I do not work in a government hospital, I think that doctors in the Philippines are not fairly compensated for the services that they provide. This goes for all levels of doctors, even those who are already consultants. I hope that this bill gets approved to somehow increase the salary of doctors. However, if this continues, I will not be surprised if doctors wi...
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The present population in the Philippines have reached 102 million over the last year and there is a total number of less than 200,000 licensed physicians, some of which have already passed on and some have left the country which leaves the patient-doctor ratio in the Philippines to be an estimated 10,000:1. As a doctor in a public hospital, just imagine the number of patients we encounter on a daily basis. I still think that a 56k salary does not suffice. My cousin is a doctor in the United Sta...
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