Hospitals now have 'corridor nurses' because A&E units are so full

Hospitals now have 'corridor nurses' because A&E units are so full

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Nurses at NHS hospitals are treating patients in corridors because of severe overcrowding in A&E departments. Footage taken by the BBC shows patients waiting more than four hours to be seen at Royal Blackburn Hospital, where at one point last week 33 beds were available for 95 seriously ill people.
18 Feb 2017 - General
Hi, I appreciate all of your thoughts on this article. Like you, I am very surprised as well. I don't work in various NHS hospitals compared to other nurses who have more experiences than me and does "Agency" work so I can't really compare one hospital from the other. I have only seen what is in the hospital I worked in and yes, there can still be shortage of staff issue but I am aware that the hospital is trying to look for ways to address this issue in order to provide qualit...
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Same as me, I never thought that this is an ongoing problem most especially in NHS hospitals. This has been a global problem in any region, race or facility. The solution for this is to open up new hospitals as well as hire more nurses as much as possible. Nurses in the Philippines is simply overflowing but the hiring is not that outrageous. Patients should be treated well and must be given the care they deserve and what they pay for. Too sad to see patients especially old people in corridors an...
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