Shift work: A doctor's advice on coping

Shift work: A doctor's advice on coping

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It is no secret, or surprise, that shift work has multiple negative effects on any individual who is required to undergo it. Yet, it is undeniably an unavoidable part of working in the healthcare sector, hence healthcare professionals have no other option besides finding ways to cope. Here is one doctor's take on making shift work work for you.
19 Feb 2017 - General
Thanks for sharing and commenting on the first article which i have written for MIMS Madhubabu kaaja . I think that the issue of shift work is one that is a very interesting and stressful one for many to achieve. This is because the ability to cope to this condition will directly affect patient care and outcomes. In order to cope with it, a multi-factorial approach will have to be used in order to ensure that maxi...
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I have heard with my friends working in other countries that there is supposed to be a 24-48 hour rest before their shift may be altered to allow their body clock to adjust on their sleep-wake habits. For a few weeks it should be only morning shift and the following week night shifts. However this is not applicable in the Philippines because we are dealing with a chaotic shift schedules. A 12 hour morning shift followed by a 12 hour night shift then followed by another morning shift the next day...
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I think that somehow this would help, but at times, when the workload becomes to heavy and the influx of patients just won't stop, I think that sometimes you have no choice but to pour out all the energy you have just so your attention span and reaction time will keep at par with your normal, non- sleepless self's reaction and action. Sleep schedules won't fit either, actually the schedule for sleeping is
"sleep when you have time-o'clock" lol. But for public serv...
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