Safety failures lead to ‘death sentence' at Hanford

Safety failures lead to ‘death sentence' at Hanford

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Dave Aardal conducted some of the most dangerous work at Hanford during his ten years of employment at the former nuclear weapons production facility. Part of his job included training on safety measures and equipment, during which he was assured that following the protocols would keep him safe from toxic chemicals and radioactive waste.
19 Feb 2017 - General
Oh no this is terrible! These poor people have been working almost their entire life and only to find out that working in such company was simply a pain in the ass! Living in the end being diagnosed or having the said condition is not just giving yourself a burden but also your family as this is surely expensive! It entails a lot of co-morbidities and the families are so helpless to sustain their loved ones needs. They should have at least a hazard pay or the company must provide complete gear a...
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