4 ways community pharmacies can support new parents

4 ways community pharmacies can support new parents

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Becoming new parents is a rewarding yet challenging experiences, and requires as much help and support as possible when it comes to knowing what is best for the baby.
20 Feb 2017 - General
Habiba Twakkol Providing support for new parents should indeed be a collective effort from all health care professionals (HCPs). There should be easy visibility and access to HCPs to educate patients of must-knows and reassure them that what they are doing is right. When my wife gave birth to our first daughter, there was roving midwives who performed daily baths and swaddling techniques to our daughter while als...
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Mark Edmon Tan becoming a new parents and breastfeeding are all a new stages that have their own inquiries and mixed feelings on parents as they were in much need of a trusted informations to follow and to know how important to them to stay focused and do their best without being stressed.
Community's pharmacies are responsible to do so but if not available in a country, pharmacists and doctors can try to...
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