Salary Gap Among Healthcare Professionals

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20 Feb 2017 - General

Recently, I have read about existing salary disparities among physicians in the United States. Estimates show that Caucasian doctors earn 60,000 dollars more than their African American counterparts. The disparity is also marked among genders, wherein male doctors generally earn 8% more than women. This also extends to academic institutes. The salary gap is so huge that full-time female professors earn nearly as much as male associate professors. I am just wondering if such salary gaps exist in your country, or do you have any related experience in this topic.

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Mark Edmon Tan I am not certain if this also applies to other ethnicities of color. However, I do think that it is not far from reality since this is evident among African Americans. This issue has been published in the Journal of American Medical Association in 2016, and unfortunately not much change has happened since then. This is really odd because in the Philippines, foreign people are treated like family by...
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