NYC supports lowering of age requirement for access to HIV test kits

NYC supports lowering of age requirement for access to HIV test kits

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The National Youth Commission chairperson is suggesting than even a 15-year-old should have access to an HIV testing kit, without seeking parental consent, to encourage them to get screened for HIV infection.
22 Feb 2017 - General
How interesting it is that even during a time and age when society is already so liberated and notorious, there are still some establishments that uphold morality and integrity of marriage. My friend and her boyfriend recently went on a trip to Dubai and they had to book 2 separate rooms because it is the law of the state that unmarried couples are not allowed to stay in the same room in hotels. I think that this rule should be applied in other countries as well. I'm pretty sure that doing ...
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I think that this is a brilliant idea. Most teenagers nowadays are already sexually active and with the rapidly expanding HIV rates in our country, it is just right that these individuals have access to HIV testing kits, even without their parental consent.After all, these kits are relatively safe. Some teenagers might be discourages or embarrassed to disclose information to their doctors or have themselves tested in the presence of their parents because of the fear that they might be reprimande...
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