4 reasons men should consider the nursing profession

4 reasons men should consider the nursing profession

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There are several reasons why nursing is generally deemed to be a career that should only be undertaken by females. However, men are now encouraged to consider taking up the noble profession.
22 Feb 2017 - General
It is true that nursing is commonly thought to be a profession outnumbered by the females. Maybe because most of the tasks involves caring in a way of displaying little affection to your patients. It is known that men showing off affection more vocally and through physical actions to people may be mistakenly as a decrease of their masculinity for some. This isn't true for all as from my experience, though there is a little percentage of male, still they're still not that far from the fem...
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In our class, as far as i can remember, we actually have 10 males. I guess, in our place there is no nursing gender gap. Having male population in a hospital is really significant especially in intensive care unit. In my experience, we have 5 men in our team and having them is really helpful especially in lifting, transfering patients and positioning. The care they provide is the same with what female nurses can do. So, there should not be any second thoughts to men in taking nursing as their pr...
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