Should Men Be Using Skin Care Products?

Should Men Be Using Skin Care Products?

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Men, think you’re too macho to take care of your skin? How about these facts? According to a 2012 study, men with a healthy skin color are more attractive to women then those with a masculine face. Researchers pointed out it was “healthy” skin that was most attractive. Because men are less likely to keep an eye on their skin, they are more at risk of having an advanced melanoma requiring radical treatment. Statistics show more than 50 percent of the current annual melanoma deaths in the U.S. are white men, 50 years and older. Men are typically out in [...]
22 Feb 2017 - General
This article is quite interesting that I'd like to share to my male friends. It is often considered that only gay men are using healthcare products especially for their faces and skin. However it is alright that they take good care of their skin too. Mark Edmon Tan wearing BB and CC Creams for men for me isn't an issue at all. Beauty products aren't only made for women I guess. hehe. Here in the Phili...
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Thank you for sharing your thoughts about this topic. I very much agree that there is absolutely nothing wrong bout men caring for their skin. However, I noticed that Korean men actually wear BB cream or light foundation to make their skin appear flawless or "glowing". I'm just curious if there are boundaries or limitations to men using these products. Do you think that this will still be socially acceptable in your own countries?

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