Is nationalism enough to keep PH doctors from leaving?

Is nationalism enough to keep PH doctors from leaving?

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While many new medical graduates aspire to go abroad for residency training and practice, there are those who still believe they should stay and serve the Filipino people.
23 Feb 2017 - General
My first reaction to the question/ title was no, nationalism wouldn't be enough. Reading the article, however, and getting to know these doctors who still chose to remain in the Philippines, was very inspiring and made me thankful that there are still those who choose to serve their country despite the lower compensation. After all, yes, its not all about money. Aside from staying here to serve your countrymen, life in your own country is better because you are surrounded by family and frien...
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My wife personally knows Dr. Malou Palmero as she is her sorority sister in UST medical school. According to my wife, Dr. Palmero takes an active role in the Philippine Dermatological Society. It is very inspiring and admirable to read stories about doctors who underwent training abroad yet opted to practice their profession in their homeland. It is their way of giving back and showing gratitude to the Filipino people who became their patients along the way and helped pave the way into becoming ...
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