Tackling fake medical news: The role of media to fact-check vigorously

Tackling fake medical news: The role of media to fact-check vigorously

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Fake medical news can cause unnecessary public health scares, but how does one spot the subtleties of a scientific process and what are the "right" questions to ask to discern the truth from the false?
23 Feb 2017 - General
With the vast amount of information available nowadays, it can be quite daunting to identify and validate which medical news are valid and which are fake. The public often falls prey to articles and news that may have gone viral yet has not been backed up by proper evidence. This is why, we, as health care professionals, have to be very critical in assessing the information we see everyday. We have to remember that not everything we see and read online is true, and it is our duty to debunk medic...
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Mahmoud AbdelAziz
Finding a trusted website or source for medical news became more difficult nowadays, and the propagation of false medical news and techniques is increasing leading to many hazards.
What we can do as healthcare professionals, is aware people about the bad consequences of following false news.
Also the establishing of a trusted source for medical news supervised by the ministry of hea...
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What we see on televisions may not be true most of the time. It depends on the producer of the news and it will always be biased. We are now living in a digital world and spreading news is so fast and easy in just a click away. Thus spreading false information is simply unstoppable once being released to the public. The editors and media should be very careful with the information given to the public because they can influence the people in a higher rate. Looks can be deceiving and convincing. N...
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Media plays such a vital role in society these days. People depend on the internet for daily updates about current events in different aspects of life. In the world of medicine, media can be both helpful but also destructive at times. In my opinion, doctors should not rely on heresay or allow themselves to acquire knowledge through media articles posted on the internet. It is still their duty as health care professionals to countercheck the validity of the news before applying it in the diagnosi...
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