PH: Sugar tax won’t curb obesity - BIAP

PH: Sugar tax won’t curb obesity - BIAP

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The proposed 10 percent tax per liter of sugar-sweetened beverages will only result in job losses and not in government's goal of reducing obesity rates, according to the Beverage Industry Association of the Philippines.
23 Feb 2017 - General
I do agree with your concerns about extra taxation. Mark Edmon Tan Lianne Marie Victoria Laruan Same corruption exists in many other countries as well. Acquired obesity is mainly a lifestyle disorder. Fixing the wrong dietary habits as well as promoting exercising culture would do great in fighting obesity. Instead of focusing on ...
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I agree that implementing the increase of taxes for sugar containing beverages will not reduce the rates of obesity in our country. Taking into consideration how rampant corruption is in the Philippine government, it will not be advisable to add extra tax to minute things as such. Furthermore, if the government really intends to promote health awareness in the people, they should just come up with more effective medical campaigns against common diseases in our country. There are many better stra...
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