What to do if you get sick in a foreign country?

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23 Feb 2017 - General

The best advice I could give as a physician is to secure a short-term health insurance during the time of travel. This is particularly helpful if you have a lot of co-morbid diseases or if you have underwent a recent surgical procedure. It is always best to secure one before leaving for a trip. It is also wise to travel with a first aid kit or medication box containing maintenance and emergency medicines. For the MIMS Community, please share other suggestions or advice on this topic

Hi Dr. Mark Edmon Tan, have you got any particular health insurance in mind? As I have searched for it before in preparation for our parents to come over and was not quite sure whether it would be a health insurance or a travel insurance that we needed to arrange. I haven't really purchased one before when my dad came over so he ended up having to pay to see the GP for a prescription that he ran out of. Thank...
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