Pharmacodynamic, pharmacokinetic drug interactions in pain management

Pharmacodynamic, pharmacokinetic drug interactions in pain management

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Drug-drug interactions in pain management may occur as a result of polypharmacy, with the simultaneous use of about eight medications increasing the probability of potential interactions to about 100 percent, according to an expert who spoke at the 7th Association of South-East Asian Pain Societies (ASEAPS) Congress 2017 held in Yangon, Myanmar.
24 Feb 2017 - General
A lot of medications have the potential to interact with one another, especially those that are metabolized by the same enzyme pathway. This article is very informative and discusses possible drug interactions with commonly used analgesics in detail. The problem with drug interactions is compounded when a patient with different diseases goes to different specialists who each prescribed various medications, and may not know about the other medications the patient is taking. This is why a GP is im...
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Shaswat Sahu . I am not a doctor, but what i can only share to you is to stop the intake of that medication and visit a physician (related to your case). I wonder who told you to have that drug as your daily supplement? Before taking a drug, you should ask the pharmacist or doctor whether it is the drug you need. It is really not advisable to take medication on your own. I would like to ask help from our doct...
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