Fondness for sleeping-in could be an early symptom of Alzheimer's

Fondness for sleeping-in could be an early symptom of Alzheimer's

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Sleeping for more than nine hours a night could be an early warning sign of Alzheimer's, new research suggests. Scientists believe an inability to get out of bed may be a symptom rather than a cause of the brain changes that lead to dementia. For this reason, simply reducing the length of sleep time is unlikely to reduce a person's risk.
24 Feb 2017 - General
This is an interesting correlation between logging long sleeping hours and Alzheimer's disease. It would be unusual for persons in their 70s to log eight hours of sleep let alone nine hours. This is a very good observation about the relationship between sleeping in and onset of mild cognitive impairment in older individuals. In addition to Mahmoud AbdelAziz 's brilliant suggestions, I would like to add th...
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I am first time hearing that oversleeping is also bad for our health and in turn in future one can be affected with Alzheimer's disease now or our lateral life. Then we should advice our patients and general public not to sleep more than nine hours of course over doing is anything bad for our health. But here the patients average age is 72 that I am not sure already they might have their tendency to get Alzheimer's so I want to see results for average 20-30 and their chances in getting d...
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