Brain scans 'may spot teen drug problems' - BBC News

Brain scans 'may spot teen drug problems' - BBC News

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Brain scans may help predict which teenagers go on to develop drug problems, a study suggests.
25 Feb 2017 - General
Thank you for sharing the link to the research Madhubabu kaaja. Functional MRI has been really useful in understanding disorders more such as stroke and traumatic brain injury. This is a new concept with the use of fMRI to predict potential drug abuse. It says that adolescents who are more "nonconventional" are prone to drug abuse. I have to play the devil's advocate here and emphasize that adolescen...
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The original research article can be get through link:
It is difficult to predict drug problems in adolescents and that it requires to perform in all subjects so it is a long time process to evaluate a large group subjects. I gone through research article, studied here adolescents where there is high tendency to attract for drugs, alcohol, cigarette smoking where can be identifiable with scanning but how many of them can be able to screen for accur...
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