Straight women have fewest orgasms - BBC News

Straight women have fewest orgasms - BBC News

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US study explores "orgasm gap" between genders and different sexual orientations.
25 Feb 2017 - General
I agree with Mahmoud AbdelAziz that it would be hard to draw a conclusion between gender preference and orgasm based on the article presented. The study's outcome measures was not discussed and it was most probably based on a questionnaire. I agree with you Priscilla Mae Gobuyan that one conclusion we might draw is that the le...
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Apparently, the researchers compared the reported orgasms by different groups and what makes them reach it easier. It gives good and in the same time well known findings. Interpreting these findings will lead us to the fact that penetrative sex is not everything for women. If men knew that fact and worked upon it, heterosexual women can reach higher orgasmic rates than other groups easily. In conclusion, the headline is misleading; no woman has to be lesbian or bisexual to have higher rates of o...
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