When Doctors are Shamed on Social Media

When Doctors are Shamed on Social Media

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I have seen three separate posts in which a patient’s watcher snaps a photo of the involved doctor, and then posts the image on Facebook with either a disgruntled remark or an agonizing narrative.
27 Feb 2017 - General
Theekshana Abayawickrama
There are still a lot of people, especially in our country, who feel entitled and fail to appreciate how their doctors spend considerable amount of time to care for them or their relatives. Some patients discount the fact that these doctors lack sleep or even have time to have a decent meal. It's true that doctors save countless of lives on a daily basis but nobody ever talks abou...
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Recently, there have been reported cases in the Philippines wherein resident doctors were humiliated casually on social media because of ignorance and emotional outbursts of unsatisfied patients. I hope that these people who are guilty of cyberbullying will think first before they destroy a person's reputation heedlessly online. I hope that they understand that doctors are far from perfect because just like any human being, they are bound to make mistakes too but nobody deserves to be treate...
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