5 pharmacist errors that can be avoided

5 pharmacist errors that can be avoided

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Every pharmacist's greatest fear is making an error that affects a patient's health - here, a senior pharmacist will discuss some common pharmacist errors, and how they can be avoided.
28 Feb 2017 - General
When I left the UK 4 years ago to retire, in my pharmacy we had on file 190 SOPs...Standard Operating Procedures....which covered every aspect of pharmacy operation. These were read by all staff and signed as understood once a year. They covered cleaning machines to individual dispensing. The regulations of pharmacy and pharmacists are very strict to protect the public and all pharmacies are monitored by inspectors. Dispensing errors, though rare, are considered as a very serious issue with ful...
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It is the responsibility of pharmacists to ensure that the medicines being dispensed to patients or buyers are compatible with the prescription given by doctors. It may sound easy peasy but in reality, it is a very tough job and entails proper discernment because a lapse in their judgment could bring about some major consequences. It might be a good idea to countercheck with a co-pharmacist before handing over the package to the patient. This practice might be tedious for some but significantly ...
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