WHO warns new drugs urgently needed to fight 'greatest threats to human health'

WHO warns new drugs urgently needed to fight 'greatest threats to human health'

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New antibiotics need to be developed urgently to combat 12 families of bacteria, the World Health Organisation has said, describing these “priority pathogens” as the greatest threats to human health. The United National health agency said many of these bacteria have already evolved into deadly superbugs that are resistant to many antibiotics. The bugs “have built-in abilities to find new ways to resist treatment” the WHO said, and can also pass on genetic material that allows other bacteria to become drug-resistant.
28 Feb 2017 - General
In the past 30 years, ciprofloxacin was given by GP as first line of treatment for urinary tract infection in the community. Now one in five patients have ciprofloxacin resistant e.coli and hence ciprofloxacin become a less favourable antibiotics to treat. The other options include Bactrim (which is not so popular in our population as Asian population have higher incidence of SJS and G6PD). Nitrofurantoin is less popular also in our part of the world. Amoxicillin-Clavulinaic acid become the more...
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Thank you for sharing this article. Mahmoud AbdelAziz,Tarah Cadiz, Theekshana Abayawickrama, Madhubabu kaaja I totally agree with the fact that this is a one of the major concern in health care which is raised plenty of times in this community forum. Yet many medical practitioners are still dishing out antibiotics like no one's business just to please their patients upon their requests. I always explain to my colleagues as well as my patients that antibiotics should only be used when it i...
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