Swedish mum's battle against sugar goes viral - BBC News

Swedish mum's battle against sugar goes viral - BBC News

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Anna Larsson has inspired thousands after cutting sugar out of her four-year-old daughter's diet.
2 Mar 2017 - General
This is inspiring to each and everyone. Everyone's been talking about the campaign on how to fight obesity. Other countries have even imposed taxes on sugarly beverages. Old habit are really difficult to be corrected however if parents/ or maybe not parents can teach children from the start, they can bring up the attitude until they grow old. If we will not allow them to ingest sugarly food/beverages more than the desired amount, then this will not also happen. It is more of responsibility t...
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I absolutely agree with both of you. Marinelle Castro Theekshana Abayawickrama Her story will inspire countless parents in their struggles with their children against these unhealthy habits. The world nowadays is in desperate need for those inspiring examples to at least let us know how important simple decisions to cut out excess...
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This is very inspiring news and I am happy to read that a parent takes on the responsibility of ensuring that her child is consuming the proper nutrients. I agree with Theekshana Abayawickrama that parents occupy a central role in regulating the dietary habits of their children. The problem is, in some cultures, like in our country, it is presumed to be an act of love when parents indulge their children's crav...
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