MOH Singapore received 160 overcharging complaints annually

MOH Singapore received 160 overcharging complaints annually

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In response to a query about the number of reports related to excessive charging practices by doctors, the Health Ministry revealed that it has received numerous bill-related complaints against both private and public healthcare institutions over the past two years.
2 Mar 2017 - General
Money is really difficult to be found nowadays and I do understand that not everyone in the sociable is able to afford, may it not be the best healthcare but at least better services that they deserve. There should be at least a standard amount for each services and overpricing is really unreasonable for some. There should be an itemized bill given to the patients why the charges are that way high. Sometimes the charging really depends on what, how the facilities and services being provided. Pro...
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Mark Edmon Tan In our region, sometimes professional fees are not discussed prior to the procedure, especially in emergency cases. There are physicians who wait for their clients to ask regarding professional fees before they openly discuss about it. In our culture, openly discussing professional fees prior to an emergent procedure may be perceived as rude or discriminatory. More often than not, disputes regardin...
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I agree that it is charging reasonable fees is a duty of physicians. However, fees charged by doctors should also commensurate to the services rendered as what Marinelle Castro has stated. The article mentioned complaints of overcharging but it was not the reasons were not specified. It would be best if physicians and patients would agree on a specific rate before treatment like what lawyers do to reconcile this ...
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Nai Yin Ho mentioned the most important consideration in the accusation of overcharging. In elective cases, if the patient was properly informed by foreseen professional charges, then nobody else has the right to refer to this as "overcharging". I agree with the statement that physicians should charge "reasonably". However, the exact definition of reasonable billing varies among professionals....
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