Exercise And Therapy Work Better Than Medicine To Reduce Fatigue In Cancer Patients: Study

Exercise And Therapy Work Better Than Medicine To Reduce Fatigue In Cancer Patients: Study

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Exercise helps people battling the fatigue caused by cancer and by its treatment and usually does it better than drugs do, say researchers. The researchers found that exercise and psychological interventions were equally effective for reducing
3 Mar 2017 - General
Thank you for tagging me along this discussion Marinelle Castro . We often get referrals for inpatient rehabilitation in the oncology ward. Exercise does improve submaximal work capacity for this group of patients and this article's results is very encouraging for improving fatigue, the most common symptom of cancer patients. I believe that walking , jogging, and other forms of exercise that directly involve ...
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This article actually made me wonder if there are existing guidelines that rehabilitation specialists follow in prescribing physical therapy treatments among patients with malignancies. Mark Edmon Tan Are there protocols or clinical practice guidelines that you follow when prescribing rehab therapy for cancer patients? I barely recall GBM patients who undergo rehabilitation therapy or engage in physical activitie...
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In my opinion, a certain population of cancer patients may not benefit from this if their fatigue stems from depletion of energy sources due to increased caloric demand. In patients with malignancy, there is an increased cell turnover, which consequently requires more energy to sustain metabolic activity. Unfortunately, some patients have a poor nutritional intake due to constitutional symptoms of anorexia and vomiting, which are also seen in cancer patients. Exercise will further increase their...
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