4 ways for nurses to maintain clinical competency

4 ways for nurses to maintain clinical competency

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Nurses must make every effort to maintain their clinical competency as their patients require optimal care and supervision. Here we look at a few ways in which they can do so.
4 Mar 2017 - General
Pertaining to the third point, getting certification in specialization - this is an extremely tough and difficult task. Even for doctors, the number of training positions to become specialist is extremely limited, let alone nurses. Even though one could be motivated and wants to be trained and specialized, circumstances don't allow. There is in fact a quota on this and even if one were to get into training and passed the exam, there may not be a job available for the person. Such is the sad ...
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Tahira Nawaz
As the healthcare system is developing with new inventions and the technology is merged with medicine to improve healthcare quality, manpower should also concentrate on their knowledge and stay up to dated and this will occur with more studying and more enhancing of specialization.
Nurses are major element in any healthcare sector and achieving competency will of course affect healthcare sys...
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The scientific disciplines that are associated with health care are rapidly evolving. In order to deliver care that is at par with current standards of practice, all healthcare professionals should maintain their clinical competency through education. Aside from ways that were mentioned in the article, I think that informal learning is the most practical way for professionals to update their knowledge. This can be done through reading professional journals and engaging in collaborative discussio...
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