Migraine could be treated with electrical stimulation patch

Migraine could be treated with electrical stimulation patch

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Researchers have found that a wireless, electrical stimulation patch may be just as effective as triptan medications for alleviating migraine.
5 Mar 2017 - General
Marinelle Castro Thank you for tagging me in this discussion. Our current guidelines do not include use of TENS for pain caused by migraine. It can theoretically work by the gate control theory. The theory states that input from large A-beta fibers stimulated by touch and vibration overwhelms the input from smaller A-delta (for acute) and C fibers (for chronic pain) at the level of the substantia gelatinosa in th...
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Afaque Ali I agree that we should wait for more evidence regarding this form of treatment. However, I would have to mention that TENS have been used for several decades in treating several pain disorders. There is no evidence to prove that this affects electrical signals in the brain because it primarily works on muscles and peripheral nerve fibers. Perhaps we should tag ...
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