South Africa plans to fight obesity with a sugar tax

South Africa plans to fight obesity with a sugar tax

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The South African government has followed in the footsteps of Mexico, France and Hungary to implement a sugar tax to curb the country's obesity epidemic.
5 Mar 2017 - General
I don't mind imposing tax on sugarly beverages to fight obesity. However if this is the case, people who still belong in the upper society can afford buying these drinks. Those who have low socioeconomic status will be left without a choice but to decrease the consumption. The problem here is more of the peoples drive and behavior fight the illness. We may have: (1) Have some educational campaigns could also help them open their eyes on the harmful causes. (2) we can seal sugarly beverages w...
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Few months ago, we had a discussion in the community regarding the imposition of sugar tax. As far as I remember, most of the members did not think that this is a good solution to solving the emerging problem on obesity and diabetes. I agree that consumption of sugary drinks and food products should be regulated, but not to the extent of imposing higher taxes. Any suggestions from the community members on how the government can regulate consumption of sugary food products to curb the problem on ...
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