Pharmacists: Tips for handling the vet's prescription

Pharmacists: Tips for handling the vet's prescription

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Pharmacists bear the responsibility of ensuring that pet medication is used safely. Here we will look at the potential pitfalls that they must look out for when dispensing pet medication.
5 Mar 2017 - General
Hi Marinelle Castro! Thanks for the mention! Yes you're right, pharmacies here do not carry and dispense veterinary medications. Also, there isn't a particular subject/ course in the curriculum that teaches about veterinary pharmacy (though I think it is being proposed as part of certain subjects). Same with you, I don't think I have heard of or encountered any veterinary pharmacies, most animal medic...
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Tahira Nawaz
It is the first time to hear that pharmacists are allowed to dispense and compound vet medicine.
In my opinion it better to prepare pharmacists to such situations, if there is a course concerning vet medications that pharmacists can study or join it after graduation, that will be very helpful.
If this couldn't be applied, veterinarians should be the responsible for dispensing the med...
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Similar to Singapore, local pharmacies in the Philippines do not supply veterinary medications - - even vaccinations. However, I am unclear whether pharmacy students in the country are taught how to compound and dispense medications. Based on personal experience, the veterinarian of our household pets supply all vaccines and the medications that they need. I have not heard of a specific pharmacy that caters to veterinary medicines. ...
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