Better patient communication by being less “like a doctor”

Better patient communication by being less “like a doctor”

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Having medical textbooks memorised and throwing jargons left and right does not make for a good doctor. In fact, it is all about what is not in the textbooks.
5 Mar 2017 - General
Tahira Nawaz
It is a great article discussing an important point, first impression is really plays an important role in many life situations, when it comes to doctor- patient, as patients most of the time are nervous and anxious about their illness and not easily trust doctors, first impression conducts the visit streaming.
Being friendly to patients and win their trust by applying professional communica...
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The phrase, "like a doctor" is sadly, a stereotype that some people attach to poor communication skills. I would have to say that this term is an exaggeration of how doctors behave, at least in our setting. It is a given that doctors multitask because of several reasons, such as understaffing and in clinical practice settings with high turnovers wherein doctors must do assessments in a limited amount of time. In this regard, doctors frequently chart and make orders while interviewing ...
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