Nurses, are you suffering from shift work sleep disorder?

Nurses, are you suffering from shift work sleep disorder?

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Nurses are prone to contracting shift work sleep disorder (SWSD) due to their need to work different shifts and have irregular sleeping patterns. Here we will look at the remedies of the condition.
5 Mar 2017 - General
Having 3 consecutive night shift duty is really exhausting. What more to 15 days of continuous night duty? I have known some hospitals which plotted the schedule of their nurses for 15 days straight either am or pm or night. My friend shared about her experience. After she completed her 2 weeks long night shift duty, she always told me that she had this hard time to sleep regularly. Sometimes, it made her awake for more than 1-2days before she can adapt to her new schedule. I will share this art...
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Tahira Nawaz
Night shifts are really difficult to bear and off course affect body and mind performance.
The tips mentioned in the article are very helpful if followed, it is important to manage sleep deprivation as it could lead to serious medical mistakes at work, nurses work is very critical as they are a major element in any healthcare sector, their work requires them to be mindful and fully concentra...
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Tahira Nawaz What is the incidence of this disorder in your region? Actually, this is the first time that I have heard that there is a name for this disorder. I am not sure regarding the incidence of this disorder in our region because I have not encountered any literature that strictly defines its diagnostic criteria. However, it is not unusual to observe sleep deprived healthcare employees. It might be difficul...
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