Looking into the costs and rewards of becoming a doctor

Looking into the costs and rewards of becoming a doctor

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While many physicians are reported to be dissatisfied with their career, a new study finds that those who become a doctor only when they are inspired with the calling are less likely to suffer burnout.
6 Mar 2017 - General
Tahira Nawaz
Anyone an be a doctor but not everyone can live doctor's life, you can be qualified and studying hard and earn you r degree but when it comes to practice, communication with patients, spending most of your time in stressful situations, dealing with critical cases most of time, doing you best to save others, it is not easy and it is priceless.
You can't be a real doctor until you love...
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In most universities that offer medical degree programs, usually the cost of education is high. The salary during residency training is not enough and the reality is, most doctors are still financially dependent on their parents until they have started clinical practice. This usually takes a lot of time because the duration most residency training programs are at least 3-4 years. Only doctors could really understand why they continue to sacrifice themselves despite the undesirable working condit...
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