Woman dies after three hospitals denied admission for surgery

Woman dies after three hospitals denied admission for surgery

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A British woman who was bleeding in the brain died after being denied for surgery at three hospitals due to lack of intensive care beds, raising more concerns for NHS.
6 Mar 2017 - General
This is truly a sad story as this unfortunate lady has passed away due to the delay of the treatment as a result in the failure of the system. Something should be done to prevent such similar cases from happening. In actual fact, there should be a triage system and for urgent cases, the patients should be attended to first, and given the priority for the beds. There should also be communications between the paramedics and the hospital prior to sending to the hospital. No point sending someone to...
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Marinelle Castro I completely agree with you. There should be proper guidelines with regard to the system of patient transfer and take over when it comes to critically ill patients. Unavailability of an intensive care unit bed should not be an excuse for a hospital to refuse admission of a patient. What they can do is they can admit the patient, do the urgent intervention and then look for a hospital with availab...
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