The potential pitfalls of using pill organisers

The potential pitfalls of using pill organisers

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Pill organisers are special containers that store scheduled doses of medications for patients. However, they can result in dangerous effects if not properly used.
6 Mar 2017 - General
Priscilla Mae Gobuyan I do agree with you. Sometimes as medical practitioners, we do get frustrated when the patients do not know what medication are they taking and just mentioned that they are taking the white or yellow color pill , or the pink coloured pill. The worst case scenario is that they know they are allergic to some medication but unable to tell what is the name of the medication, which in this case, makes the physician very troubled with what medication to give them in fear of givin...
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I used to have this pill box when I was in the hospital because it looks cute and organized. However I also get to think about the potency and stability of the pill outside its original packaging that it may affect the effectiveness. Most of our patients use to have this pill box most especially the elderly with CKD cases because they have more maintenance pills. They seem to identify and memorize their pills which is also questionable. Maybe it's better to advice them not to have these pill...
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Thank you for sharing this article, Tahira Nawaz. In my opinion, using pill organisers is not advisable of the elderly unless it's a big tool box which has enough space for medicine labels and indications. Chances are, the pills might get jumbled up and they forget what each medicine is for without the packaging. Pill organisers are more ideal for the working society or people on the go because they can easil...
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Very informative article. Thank you for sharing Tahira Nawaz . Years ago, i bought my father a medication organizer, however i encouraged him not to open his sealed medications for the thought that it will affect the quality of drug. However, i really find pill organizer useful for our elderly patients especially when there is noone who can be trusted. I believe, they can buy a big pill organizer which won't ...
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