Evaluation of drugs in this advanced era.

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6 Mar 2017 - General

So many drugs are evaluated at present.How can we select the right drugs for illness? 

I agree with Marinelle Castro. International organizations provide guidelines regarding drugs under their disease specialty and update these practice guidelines every now and then. Alongside these guidelines, a consideration of the patient's situation should be done, taking into account other factors like allergies, co-morbidities, tolerability, drug interactions, and cost-effectiveness. Other factors would b...
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I agree with doc Marinelle Castro . Doctors have certain diagram for each disease condition to be followed. For antibiotics, they may start from first generation drugs then going up. For some patients who does not respond well to the medications given, culture and sensitivity examinations may be done before starting antibiotics to check if you're sensitive, intermediate or resistant to the bacteria. By doing ...
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