Don't pressure GPs into giving you antibiotics, patients told

Don't pressure GPs into giving you antibiotics, patients told

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Dame Sally Davies says pushy patients are partly to blame for the rise of deadly superbugs that are immune to the drugs.
7 Mar 2017 - General
It's very true that prescribing and taking antibiotics too frequently has contributed to the rise of super bugs. It's a good thing that this article addresses patients and not only health care professionals. There are some patients who really insist on taking antibiotics even if it isn't advisable in their situation. Many physicians, on the other hand, usually acquiesce to such requests, especially since they want to keep their patients. Additionally, sending patients away empty-hand...
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Thank you for sharing your clinical experiences and siting some examples related to this case, Chih Chiang Nieh. It is indeed becoming a common practice of patients worldwide to interfere with doctors' recommendations especially now that health information from the internet is accessible to everyone. Patients nowadays tend to "google" their symptoms and diagnose themselves. Would you consider attri...
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One more case to illustrate, when a parent of a girl who was coughing in front of the doctor, demanded the doctor to issue a memo to the childcare to state that she is fit for school. The doctor refused and in the end, resulted in a complaint he had to answer. The system of government does nothing to protect the doctors from such bullies. Some will resort to writing online and smear the reputations of the doctors, and this is extremely unfavourable, but if the doctor gives in, sometimes they may...
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Theekshana Abayawickrama This also happens in the Philippines. Some patients who consult for systemic viral illness expect to be prescribed with antibiotics. If a general practitioner will not prescribe such, they will end up feeling that they were not granted the appropriate treatment. Unfortunately, some doctors give in to the pressure of prescribing antibiotics. Some think that it is better to overtreat than un...
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