Woman died after heart valve was put in upside down

Woman died after heart valve was put in upside down

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A woman died after a heart valve was put in upside down during surgery. Sheila Hynes suffered massive internal bleeding during what should have been a routine operation at the Freeman Hospital in Newcastle upon Tyne. The 71-year-old grandmother and great-grandmother never came round from the operation – led by consultant surgeon Asif Raza Shah – after the mistake caused irreversible damage to her heart. A second operation to try to get her heart working failed and she died in intensive care a week later.
8 Mar 2017 - General
Such a traumatic case for the family. They are expecting that their mother will be fine after the surgery but unfortunately, it was the other way around. It is really sad for the medical team where the placement of the prosthetic valve was directed into the wrong direction. I wish they have figured it out as early as they can. Or even secured or reviewed its placement. But the damage has been done. Hopefully, this error will not repeat again and the hospital will strictly regulate their procedur...
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