Celebrating International Women’s Day

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8 Mar 2017 - General

I am wishing you all womens of Community a happy womens day. Women are more prioritized in all aspects here but health wise it is less aware of healthcare concerns as womens are taking care of their family members, working environment. Breast cancer, Heart diseases, Osteoporossis, Depression and other immune disorders are more prone to them.  Dear MIMS community express your opinions and thoughts for making them a healthy women.

Thank you for the wishes Madhubabu kaaja . During this time, i can see that many women out there are very active in spreading some information regarding diseases. And on how to prevent and or treat it. Sometimes, being in social media is really helpful to dessiminate important health issue to make them aware with the recent issues in our industry. It is also one way to encourage them to stay fit and healthy as muc...
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