Medicine expiry dates: When does it really matter?

Medicine expiry dates: When does it really matter?

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The active ingredients within capsules and tablets will degrade naturally, causing the potency of these medicines to gradually diminish. However, in some cases, expired drugs may still be used.
8 Mar 2017 - General
Thank you for sharing your insights and experiences regarding this topic. I guess the safest and most logical thing to do is to discard any form of medication that is way past its expiry date. After all, it is wiser and easier to just buy a new stock rather than reverse the untoward consequences, if there are any, of taking or applying expired medicines. Lianne Marie Victoria Laruan , an interesting thought about ...
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This is such an enlightening article for everyone, as it addresses some questions that are not very usual. As a pharmacist, of course I wouldn't recommend using drugs beyond their expiry date. Better to be safe than sorry, and as the article mentioned, certain drugs like those in solution, injectables, and most drugs in liquid form may not be stable anymore after the expiry date. Personally however, I've tried taking tablets or capsules and even a topical cream a few months (2-3 months) ...
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